Say thanks to the one you love

Express your thanks and share it with the world

Someone, unknown or known, helped you, supported you, did something good to you - and you want the whole world to get to know it?
Just do it - with happythx.
Say „Thanks!“ and tell, what happened to you.
Only for you - but maybe the world will listen ….

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happythx reviews

„What a wonderful idea!
We can bring a lot of positive energy in our and the lives of others. For me happythx is the most wonderful way to do it."

„Yes, most people are good - and finally they can show it
You know, in today’s world everyone believes things are getting worse. With happythx we can show why we are called human beings …"

„It’s so exciting to see all this gratitude worldwide
You click on the happythx map and it’s full of hearts in so many places of the world. Everywhere people help each other and everywhere there are people who express their thankfulness."

„happythx has touched my heart
The first time I heard of happythx I had to cry because it really touches something very deep inside me."

„Let’s make the world a better place“ - with happythx

Did you know several studies have proven helping as well as to give thanks to somebody makes you feel stronger, more optimistic, happier? And you both gain real positive physical effects?

And that’s what really makes happythx so special in the first place:
Stories of people supporting and helping each other are stories full of entertainment, excitement, emotions and - positive energy, which has never been so important as today, in a world which seems to get darker and more negative:

„Let’s make the world a better place.“

Lets make the world a better place with happythx

Yes, we can … be grateful!

It happens so often in everyday life: quickly helped here, briefly waited there, small gestures that show us that someone perceives us, is thoughtful. We give back a little, with our thumbs up, a smile or "Thank you".

However sometimes that's not enough for us, sometimes we want to tell the other that we don't take it for granted.
But when the other one is already gone the wish for a big thank you might still be there - that's why there is happythx for all of us now.

Examples. Say thanks with happythx

Yes, we can … be kind!

We humans want to help others (humans and animals), we don't really want them to feel bad - and if we can, we are there for them.
Let us be as we are at the bottom of our hearts, let us show the world that we humans want the good.
And that this consists in being there for someone every day.