Leave in a hand, hearth, blue heaven, Feedback for the happythx app

What our first users say about „happythx“

Even before we finally went live, all users were enthusiastic about happythx.

„It’s so exciting to see all this gratitude worldwide

You click on the happythx map and it’s full of hearts in so many places of the world. Everywhere people help each other and everywhere there are people who express their thankfulness."

Portrait, Young Asian Men gives Feedback to happythx

„What a wonderful idea!

We can bring a lot of positive energy in our and the lives of others. For me happythx is the most wonderful way to do it."

Portrait, Young african woman gives feedback to happythx

„happythx has touched my heart

The first time I heard of happythx I had to cry because it really touches something very deep inside me."

„Yes, most people are good - and finally they can show it

You know, in today’s world everyone believes things are getting worse. With happythx we can show why we are called human beings …"