Hand holding flowers, Blue wooden Background, how to say thanks with happythx

Tell your „Thank you“ story to the whole world - or listen to others’

With happythx you can thank an unknown person as well as a friend or even a famous person who has triggered something special in you.

Moreover, happythx also makes it possible to see what others have to say, why they thank someone.

This is not only an interesting story, touching or sometimes exciting, but very often also inspiring.

Say „happythx!“

Just write down what happened when and where, add a picture if you want, choose a suitable card motiv -
and with a "happythx!" it goes out into the world.

Examples for happythx cards

Express it with a card

A picture often reinforces the statement, so you choose the motif on happythx that best corresponds to your feeling of gratitude and "give" the other something beyond your words.

We are currently developing many more cards,
so the choice for you will be bigger and bigger in the future.

App Screenshot - choose a card an express your thanks

Watch „happythx!“

You want to see what someone has to say somewhere in the world?
On happythx you can not only choose the place,
but also the time that interests you - and of course you can comment on it!

App Screenshot: Whatch happythx. See cards all over the worlds