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Update happythx app

We improve happythx regularly, so you should always use the latest app version to get all the features.

Android: Open the Play Store and tap on "My Apps and Games" in the menu. Tap on "Update" to the right of the happythx app.
Alternative: Search for happythx in the Play Store, then tap on "Update" at the happythx app.

iOS: Open the App Store and tap on "Updates". Tap on "Update" on the right side of the happythx app.
Alternative: Search for happythx in the App Store, then tap on "Update" at the happythx App.

Report contents

If you see on happythx that violates our guidelines, please report it to us - we will take care of it immediately.
Tap "Report" on the back of the card.
Thanks for your help!

Account & profil

Requirements for account information

For the registration at happythx your e-mail address is necessary.

Setting of notifications

You can set if you want to receive notifications from happythx.
The possibility to enable/disable notifications can be found in the menu.

Not possible yet.

Not possible yet.

Log out at happythx app

Tap on "Logout" in the menu to log out of happythx.

Not possible yet.

Security and privacy

Tips on account security

Use an individual password for happythx, which you will not use for other online activities.

Your password should not be too easy to guess, so use a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters.

Very important: Do not share your password with anyone!

Registration and first steps

Create account

Download the happythx app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Open the app on your smartphone.

To register with happythx, please enter your first and last name and tap "Next". Then enter your email address and tap "Next" again.
There you can enter your password.

Set up profile

If you want, you can upload a profile picture (or skip this step by clicking "continue without profile picture"): Tap on "Upload profile picture" and either tip on "Select photo" to take a new picture or on "Select from library" to select a picture on your smartphone.

Once you've selected a picture, tap „next“.

Select world

You can make happythx your personal happythx and choose the background you like best for happythx.
Tap on "select" and choose a "happythx world" from the gallery.
Tap on "Get started now" and you can start with happythx!

Navigating in the app

Say „Thanks!“

To thank someone for helping you, for being especially kind, or for simply being very important to you, tap the heart "Say Thanks" on your start screen.

Select recipient

If you know the person, enter their name - and if they are already registered on happythx, you will find their name and can take it.
If the person is not yet registered on happythx, you enter their mail address and happythx will inform them that you have sent them a card (the mail address is of course only visible to you!).

If you do not know the person, you can send the card anonymously - maybe the person will see the card and thank you one day.

Select location

Enter the place and tip on the magnifying glass on the right to select the place from the list of suggested places.
Or tip on the flag on the left and your current location will automatically be added.

Tell your story

Tell why you want to thank someone and inspire everyone else:
Firstly because we all want to do something good - and secondly because there is nothing better for us than someone thanking us with all their heart.
Your story will motivate the other happythx members to be there for other people or to express their gratitude when something good happens to them.

Show your picture

Maybe you even have a picture of your story or one that fits to your story? You can insert this optionally.

Your very personal thank you

You can choose a motive from several pictures that illustrates your "thank you" and your story.
Afterwards, just tap on "Send" - and the whole world can see your "Thank you"!

Watch „Thanks!“

All over the world people help each other, express their gratitude and show how much good is in us - and you can be part of it!
Because at happythx you can discover thank you-stories from all over the world.
Tap on "Watch Thanks" on your start screen and the world map with many hearts opens!
Now you can freely scroll the map to discover the stories behind the hearts. To get closer, use your fingers to pull the map apart. The hearts share and you can actually discover the thank you story that happened at a certain place!

In addition, you can also search specifically:

By place: Enter the desired place in the field.

By location: For this you have to allow happythx access to your location. Then tap on the crosshairs at the bottom right.

By a certain user: Tap on the three lines next to the input field and select "Filter by a certain user".

After a certain date: Tap on the three lines next to the input field and select "Filter by a certain day

Comment cards

If you want to say something about a card, tap on "comment" on the back.

Like cards

If you like a card, tap your hands on the back of the card

Report cards

If you discover a card whose contents are inappropriate, tap "Report" on the back of the card

Community guideline

"Let's make the world a better place!"
According to our motto, we treat each other in a friendly, open and relaxed manner.
We trust that all users will treat each other with respect and tolerance, because we want to set a positive sign with happythx.

Dangerous contents / harassment

Do not post articles that contain threatening, dangerous or violent content. Threatening or intimidating users is prohibited.

Do not publish contributions to harass, humiliate, degrade or harass other people.
Otherwise this will lead to immediate exclusion from happythx.


Do not post articles that incite hatred of any group of people based on race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or any other discrimination.
Otherwise this will lead to immediate exclusion from happythx.


Do not publish articles that in any way refer to sexual violence, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation.
Otherwise this will lead to immediate exclusion from happythx.

Child and youth protection

Do not post public contributions that could harass underage users.
Otherwise this will lead to immediate exclusion from happythx.

Change of identity, misleading contents

It is forbidden to pretend to be another person by creating false identities.
Contributions with content that harms or misleads other users are prohibited.
Otherwise this will lead to immediate exclusion from happythx.


Do not publish any amounts that infringe copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights.
Otherwise this will lead to immediate exclusion from happythx.